How to think about rugby union

Rugby is obviously a very physical game. It’s rare that you come out of any match without serious bruising. But rugby union is also a complex thinking-person’s game that requires a massive amount of brain power. The best rugby players aren’t always the biggest or strongest, but they’re often the best between the ears. Here are our best articles on the philosophy of rugby.


triphasic training for rugby
Training Team

Triphasic training for rugby-player power

One type of strength training that may be useful for ruggers is called Triphasic strength training. This is a unique protocol and could be precisely what you need to help you overcome your current strength training plateau.

evolution of rugby positions
Darryn Pollock

The evolution of rugby positions

How has each rugby position evolved? Modern-day rugby positions are much different than they were a few years ago. Darren Pollock explains how rugby has evolved over the past few decades to be the amazing game it is today. Learn about where rugby came from in this blog post.

Rugby Vs football differences
Tim Howard

Rugby v Football – the 4 main differences

It shouldn’t be hard to spot the differences between rugby and football. But some of those difference are much more obvious and consequential than others. This article addresses the 4 main differences between rugby and (American) football, so you’ll be prepared for your first practice!

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