While many people think you can be gym-fit to get on the rugby field, it’s not really the case. The fitness required to play rugby union is just different. You need the power to break tackles, the bulk to withstand contact, and and fitness to get around the field. Rugby-specific fitness training is essential. 


rugby abs without sit-ups
Training Team

Getting rugby player abs without sit-ups

Strong abs are a fitness must-have, but for rugby, they are much more than a fashion accessory. Here’s our playbook for getting rugby abs without sit-ups. Caution though: you’re going to have to eat well and train hard if you want to get anywhere near having rugby-player abs.

beep test variations rugby fitness
Training Team

Get rugby fit with these beep test variations

Beep testing is usually used to test Vo2 Max in athletes, so it’s not typically a training methodology. But pushing your Vo2 Max is also a great way to get fitter. Get rugby-fit by implementing these beep test variations.

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