There is no doubt, playing flanker (either 6 or 7) is the most fun you can have on the rugby field. You get to do everything and mold the position to your personality. But training to be a flanker is tough, hard work and grueling. It’s time to get to work young flanker!


Rugby flanker training stamina
Training Team

How to build the stamina of a SuperRugby flanker

The All Blacks are perhaps the best example of a rugby team that relies on stamina to win rugby games. But building rugby stamina is a long-term project. For our loose forward friends, here’s a guide developing the stamina of a SuperRugby flanker.

getting from set piece to breakdown
Training Team

Getting from the set piece to the breakdown

Your supporting line should be as direct as possible so that you arrive quickly and in a good position. It’s much much easier to protect the ball if you are the first player to arrive than if you’re slow to the ball and need to move a defender.

lineout jumpers lifters workout
Training Team

Gym workout for lineout jumpers who also lift

In the past 10 years, lifting in lineouts has become a required skill for both traditional lifters and now jumpers as well. This workout is designed to give you the strength and endurance to lift and jump effectively at lineout time.

the rectangle flanker cardio program
Training Team

The Rectangle – flanker cardio program

Increase your Vo2 max threshold and your ability to replicate bursts of high-intensity with the help of our cardio program for rugby flankers. It includes a 40min program to develop a position-specific cardio capacity for flankers and #8s.

master breakdown poaching
Tim Howard

Three exercises to master breakdown poaching

How do you steal more ball at the breakdown? Having low body height is important. So today we’ll examine three exercises that can help you master breakdown poaching by giving you a stronger lower and more powerful base.

flanker running lines
Training Team

Flanker running lines from ruck to ruck

Are you learning to play flanker in rugby? Awesome! You’ll love it. The most important thing to know is how to move around the rugby field from one ruck to another. These are called your ‘running lines’ and they’re critical for flankers to understand.

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