Can I train rugby alone? If so, what exercises should I do?

solo rugby training

Rugby is a team sport – but, of course, you already know that! So, to be a successful rugby player, you need to train with your teammates regularly. Team training sessions are important for lots of reasons, including: Developing individual and team skills Learning and practicing set plays Improving fitness Building team spirit Playing rugby […]

Balance performance by rugby position

balance performance

In modern rugby, any time that you are off your feet you are out of the game. Better balance means less time on the deck and more time playing rugby.

Gymnastic strength training for rugby players

gymnastic strength training for rugby

How can you use gymnastic strength training to become a better rugby player? Our training team explains the relationship between rugby and gymnastics. Especially for older rugby players, the gymnastic focus on flexibility and mobility can help you prolong your rugby career.

Yoga – a practical guide for rugby players

yoga for rugby players - how to apply yoga to a rugby fitness program

Our training team has developed a new flexibility training module that you might call ‘rugby yoga’. It’s basically a guide to yoga for rugby players including a basic pose progression you can use to increase mobility and core strength.

13 best rugby recovery stretches

best rugby recovery stretches

How should rugby players use stretching to reduce DOMS and improve recovery? Here is a rundown of the best recovery stretches that any rugby player can do. Forget just focusing on strength training, flexibility and mobility both matter. Here’s how to improve them both.

Jefferson curls are the best exercise for rugby

jefferson curls for rugby players

Wait, put down the dumbbells! We don’t mean bicep curls. Jefferson Curls are the best exercise for rugby players – never heard of them, hey? They’re an ideal way to increase hamstring flexibility, grip strength and core strength all at the same time.

10 stupid-simple recovery tips for rugby

recovery tips for rugby

The rugby game is over. The fight is done… for now. How do you get ready for next week? Try these 10 stupid-simple recovery tips for rugby players. Flossing, Hydrotherapy and Contrast showers? We’ve got the analysis to help you use them.

Should rugby players stretch or mobilize?

stretch or mobilize for rugby

Should rugby players stretch or mobilize? Rugby stretches are good for warm ups, cool downs and halftime. You can mobilize too, here are the pros and cons of stretching Vs mobilizing. Always seek the advice of your trainer to guarantee you’re choosing correctly.