They’re the heart and soul of a rugby team. The forwards win the ball, retain the ball and offer it up on a platter for the guys out wide. Yes that’s right, this archive has everything you’ll need to be a better forward in rugby. Plenty of forward-specific concepts that will get you scrumming, rucking and tackling better than you did yesterday. 


  • Scrumming down
  • Lining out
  • Strength training for the front row
  • Locking the scrum
forward more likely to develop fatty liver disease
Tim Howard

Forwards are at greater risk of fatty liver disease

A study has revealed that rugby forwards were three-times more likely to develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than backs. That is a very significant increase in risk and something we should address in our training and diet programs.

scrum camp part 3 - finesse
Clarke Cayton

Scrum Camp Part III – Finesse

In the third and final session of Scrum Camp, we are going to move from the technical and get more into the finesse of scrummaging.

creating leverage scrum camp
Clarke Cayton

Scrum Camp Pt 2 – Creating Leverage

You’ve reached Day 2 of your club’s annual scrum camp. In this section, we’ll cover technique, instruction and how to challenge your players to create leverage at scrum time. Big thanks to Carrick Pell for his help in programming Day 2.

set up a scrum camp
Clarke Cayton

Crouch, Bind, Set Up A Scrum Camp

Summer scrum camps are the best way to develop technical knowledge across your entire forward pack. Get ready to Crouch, Bind and Set as Clarke Cayton walks us through Day 1 of summer scrum camp.

kettlebell exercises for lineout lifters
Training Team

Kettlebell exercises for lineout lifters

How can lineout lifters incorporate kettlebell exercises into their workouts? Our training team explains the benefit of kettlebells for lineout lifters. But you can also apply many of these same training principles if you’re a scrumhalf, centre or any other positional rugby player.

Neck trap strength rugby
Training Team

Building neck and trap strength for rugby players

For props and hookers especially it’s imperative that you have a strong neck and traps to scrummage. Here’s how to build that neck and trap strength for all rugby players. It’s most important for the front-row but all rugby players need strong necks.

rugby lock performance
Nick McCashin

Optimal Performance as a Rugby Lock

Are you playing in the trenches this year? Locks do a helluva lot of work around the rugby field, and yet seldom get the credit they deserve. This interview by Nick McCashin looks at the Lock position in rugby – with NZ provincial star Keepa Mewett.

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