New Telegram channel connects rugby players worldwide

Want real-time feedback on your rugby training? You got it! Ruck Science has launched a new Telegram community designed to connect rugby players around the world with real-time training help. Need to choose a program? We’ll help. Need to improve your passing? We’ll help. Want support with our mobile training app? You got it. Think of it as but in real-time.

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While that seems like an obvious question, the answer is better if we ask “why not…” to all the other option available to us. 

Why not our Facebook page

Only Ruck Science can post to our company Facebook page. that prevents people from asking questions and having those questions catalogued. In addition, Facebook’s algorithm prevents people from seeing these updates unless we support them with advertising spend. Also, the content isn’t as interactive as we would like. Yes, there are threaded conversations, but they’re not real-time and it’s hard for users to reference previous posts. So sadly, the Facebook page is out.

Why not a Facebook group?

Many of the same reasons. Groups would give users the chance to post, so that’s an advantage over the company Page. But the algorithm still kills the content. Facebook’s newsfeed isn’t the best place for people to search for information about a specific topic. But groups still aren’t real-time. And finally, we don’t want to push people to use Facebook if they don’t already. 

Why not just use Reddit?

Reddit is awesome. But the /RugbyTraining community doesn’t have any active moderation. So unfortunately, you do get a lot of repetition in the posts. Again, it’s not real-time meaning that people might get answers to their questions eventually, but this isn’t timely enough to always be useful.

Why not

It would be great to get more interaction on our website. But unfortunately very few people posts comments on articles. There’s also the added problem that our blog probably isn’t where people want to share articles from other sites. So you wind up with people discussion the current topic, but not sharing additional dialogue. We want to be holistic and to provide resources beyond what you’ll find on our website.

Why not the Community tab in the Ruck Science app?

We use a 3rd party developer to provide our app platform. Sadly this means making some compromises on functionality. One of those is that messages posted to groups are not threaded which makes discussion very difficult. Yes, it would be awesome if you could posts directly in our app and get feedback from other users. But until we’re able to build our own app platform, we’re hoping Telegram can provide a stop-gap.

Ok, so they why Telegram?

You’ve probably already worked this out but we’ve chosen Telegram because it’s the only place we can really provide real-time feedback. is a group chat by any other name. But with some tweaks we’ve been able to add content moderation, triggers that anyone can call, a cryptocurrency “tipping” function to reward positive behavior and much more.

The best feature though is that everything happens in real-time. If a member of our team isn’t available to answer a question, any member of the community can call a trigger to answer a questions or provide context / feedback. When we are available, we’ll have app support, training feedback and links to all our content ready to go. 


Triggers are a way to Telegram users to reference the previous chat history if the same question comes up in the future. We will be expanding this list of Triggers in every few weeks. At launch, here is a list of all the Triggers you can call in the Ruck Science Telegram chat:

!triggers – provides the list of all other triggers
!app – link for our mobile app
!cancel – instructions for cancelling a Pro app membership
!programs – link for all of our FREE rugby training programs
!preseason – link for our preseason training program
!offseason – link for our offseason training program
!backs – link for our inseason training program for Backs
!forwards – link for our inseason training program for Forwards
!sponsorship – link to apply for our sponsorship program
!hex – the cryptocurrency we use to reward positive contributions
!wallet – how to access your HEX and more
!icecap – our concussion symptom management tool (finally launching in 2020)


In the next few weeks, you should be seeing a new icon in the Ruck Science app that links directly to the Telegram chat. But for now you can download the Telegram app for your iOS, Android or desktop device to get access to the chat.


Training Team

Training Team

We are building the most comprehensive library of training materials for amateur and pro rugby players. With protocols for hitting training goals including power, agility and strength. Our team consists of elite-level trainers from rugby, S&C, powerlifting and performance nutrition backgrounds.