During the rugby season, a player is at higher-than-normal risk of getting sick. Being around so many people, sharing locker rooms, and being stressed by all the physical activity makes illness much more likely. Luckily, we have a few strategies to keep you healthy during the rugby season.


Brandon Lee

Healthy Eating For the Busy Rugby Player

Facebook Twitter Share HEALTHY EATING FOR THE BUSY RUGBY PLAYER It’s not entirely clear who first uttered the phrase, “you are what you eat,” but

forward more likely to develop fatty liver disease
Tim Howard

Forwards are at greater risk of fatty liver disease

A study has revealed that rugby forwards were three-times more likely to develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than backs. That is a very significant increase in risk and something we should address in our training and diet programs.

prevent head neck injuries
Patrick Dale

Preventing head and neck injuries in rugby

Head and neck injuries are relatively rare in rugby but, because of their potential severity, anything you can do to reduce your chances is time well spent. Include neck exercises in your workouts and protect your head at all times.

Tim Howard

We need to talk about suicide in rugby

It’s not going to be a fun conversation. But it needs to happen. We need to talk about suicide in the rugby community because we are human beings before we are rugby players.

rugby sickness
Calvin Harrell

Sidestep sickness this rugby season

Staying healthy is critical if you want to get stronger, leaner or improve your rugby generally. For rugby players, sickness is an Achilles heel. It’s something we don’t think about a lot, but you have to know how to stay healthy if you’re going to get better.

battling off season weight gain
Calvin Harrell

Battling off season weight gain

Calvin Harrell explains how to avoid serious off-season weight gain and stay in shape for the upcoming rugby season. Exercising during the holidays isn’t easy, but if you want to stay in shape for rugby, here are some tricks for the holidays.

rugby player hydration
Training Team

Best methods for re-hydrating rugby players

What are the best ways to hydrate as a rugby player? Learn how to avoid cramping, over-hydration and performance decline due to an ineffective fluid intake. Stop yelling “get him some water” – it might not be what the player needs to get hydrated.

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