Because of the diversity in rugby positions, we need to take a position-specific approach to training. For the front rowers, you’re going to want to bulk up and focus of upper body power. While for the centers and wingers, you should be focused on getting stronger while maintaining or losing bodyweight. Dig deeper into our archive of position-specific rugby training articles. 


Brandon Lee

Developing Skills in the Sport for Everyone

Every day we read articles about the best weights exercises for rugby – advice on how to get bigger arms and develop your guns is endless. Some trainers in the fitness industry with little knowledge of rugby regurgitate a hypertrophy training program thinking that rugby players simply require size and nothing else.

Brandon Lee

Returning to Rugby at 37 Years Old

There was a familiar feel, sound and smell when walking into the rugby changing room after being absent for nearly two years. I made a couple of cameo appearances off the bench two years ago, so it is more like four years away from the game. I had never been in this particular changing room but immediately felt comfortable…

how to train specifically for your rugby position
Tim Howard

How to train specifically for your position

Not all rugby players fit into the same mold. The physical demands of each position require a different kind of training depending on where you’re going to play. So in this blog we’ve done our best, in a few words, to explain how to train specifically for your rugby position, without overthinking the whole process.

rugby hooker fitness program
Training Team

A Hooker’s guide to rugby fitness

Outside centers + Hookers have the toughest jobs in rugby. This guide to rugby fitness for Hookers will get you in optimal shape to play hooker this coming rugby season. It’s full of training advice specific to the hooker position so you don’t need to worry about too many sprints!!

evolution of rugby positions
Darryn Pollock

The evolution of rugby positions

How has each rugby position evolved? Modern-day rugby positions are much different than they were a few years ago. Darren Pollock explains how rugby has evolved over the past few decades to be the amazing game it is today. Learn about where rugby came from in this blog post.

winning rugby flyhalf
Juan Mouton

The anatomy of a winning rugby flyhalf

What makes for a winning rugby flyhalf? Today we examine the flyhalf position and how to pick a winning team based on the play of their #10. South African journalist, Juan Mouton, details what he looks for when deciding if a flyhalf will be a good domestic player or a standout international.

flanker running lines
Training Team

Flanker running lines from ruck to ruck

Are you learning to play flanker in rugby? Awesome! You’ll love it. The most important thing to know is how to move around the rugby field from one ruck to another. These are called your ‘running lines’ and they’re critical for flankers to understand.

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