Power matter. It gets us through gaps, it helps us rise above the other team at lineout time and it is often the difference between getting cut down at the tryline and scoring under the posts. Rugby-focused power training depends on your position. Here’s our archive on power training for rugby. 


speed and power for rugby centres
Training Team

Speed and power for rugby centers

Both inside and outside centres need to be strong, fast, agile, and able to kick, pass, sidestep, and tackle like a boss. Centers are usually in the thick of it on the rugby field, so their training should reflect this reality.

how is your hip drive in contact
Patrick Dale

How to develop hip drive for rugby

How do you develop hip drive for the rugby field? Read our complete guide to hip drive for rugby players and get to work this off season! It’s a much overlooked part of mobility and strength for rugby players.

strength and power relative to tackling ability
Training Team

How strength and power impact tackling ability

Tackling ability correlates directly with lower body power. During the season, tackling ability only gets better if your lower body power stays constant. Therefore, rugby players must maintain leg strength to improve or maintain tackling ability.

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