box kicking tactics and strategies
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The Box Kick – when and when not to use it

  The Box Kick – when and when not to use it November 3, 2017 / Tim Howard / Kicking, Skills, Tactics Not sure when and when not to box kick on the rugby field? Yeah, we get it, it’s

marika korobiete balance try
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Marika Koroibete’s try was PURE BALANCE V Pumas

Despite that, Koroibete has proven himself a force on the field. He got a double last last and this week scored another brilliant try against the Pumas in Argentina. Some excellent handling from Sean McMahon setup the try. But it was Koroibete’s balance that really won the day. Still not sure how he kept his feet. I guess that’s why you practice, right?

Springboks lineout wins redemption V All Blacks
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Springboks lineout wins REDEMPTION V All Blacks RC17

They didn’t win the game, but the Springboks pack should be pretty thrilled with their ability to disrupt the All Blacks’ lineout during their Wk6 loss. Just a few weeks back, when the two teams met in North Harbour stadium, the Springboks lineout was dismal. In fact, we made a whole damn video asking; can the springboks lineout get worse?

All Blacks deadly on counter attack web
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All Blacks counter-attack DEADLY V Springboks RC17

The All Blacks are dangerous anytime they’re in possession. But it seems like you’d way rather defend them from the set piece than in broken play. They’re absolutely deadly on counter-attack or when returning kicks and it showed this past weekend against the Springboks.

Springboks 19 phase try web
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Springboks score 19-PHASE TRY V All Blacks RC17

The Springboks were absolutely robbed this past weekend in their final rugby championship match against the All Blacks. A shockingly bad 76th minute penalty handed the game to the Kiwis and a last-minute try to the Boks wasn’t enough to get them over the line.

damien mckenzie is a ridiculous rugby player
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Damien McKenzie was RIDICULOUS V Argentina

He just keeps getting better. Damien McKenzie was ridiculous against the Pumas this past weekend. And has retained his spot for the Springboks. Get some!

dominant all blacks lineout V argentine rugby championship
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Dominant All Blacks’ Lineout V Argentina

The All Blacks’ lineout was dominant against this past week against the Pumas in Argentina. They were crazy-good in the air in week5 of the rugby championship.

springboks lineout
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Can the Springboks lineout get worse?

The Springboks lineout was absolutely awful this past weekend. They went 6 from 12 and it was lucky to do that well. Can the Springboks lineout get worse?

Rieko Ioane V Springboks rugby championship week 4 2017
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Rieko Ioane V Springboks – Wk4 RC17

Rieko Ioane has had an amazing start to his international rugby career. And somehow he just keeps getting better. This summary is taken from the All Blacks Vs Springboks, during Week 4 of The Rugby Championship. Will he be even better next week? Who knows!

malcolm marx flanker
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Should Malcolm Marx be playing Flanker?

The Springboks lineout didn’t have a good time of it this past weekend against the All Blacks. It was Week 4 of The Rugby Championship for 2017 and the Boks never really looked in the hunt.

rugby world cup tackles
Tim Howard

Best Tackles of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

What were the best tackles at the rugby world cup in 2015? We run down all the best hits, misses and tackles at the tournament. They’re not all the best tackles in rugby history, but there are some beauties!!

best catches of rugby world cup 2015
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Best Takes of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

What were the best high-ball takes of the rugby world cup? We run down dozens of the best catches and takes of the world cup tournament.

rwc2015 turnovers
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Best Turnovers of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

What were the best turnovers at the rugby world cup in 2015? We run down all the best turnovers, steals and pilfers at the world cup. Enjoy the montage!

best solo efforts RWC2015
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Best Solo Efforts of Rugby World Cup 2015

What were the best solo efforts, individual tries and solo tries of the rugby world cup? We count down the best tries with over 40mins of footage taken from the rugby world cup in 2015.

2nd fight on the ground at the rugby breakdown
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2nd fight on the ground at the breakdown

As a ball carrier, it’s critical that you maintain possession through the tackle and breakdown situation. A 2nd fight on the ground is the best way to do this.

eliminate the breakdown threat
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Eliminate the threat at the breakdown

How do you eliminate a threat at the breakdown in rugby? Here are a series of clips demonstrating how to blow out a breakdown threat and secure the rugby ball in the process.

deciding to play the ball breakdown
Training Team

Deciding to play the ball at the breakdown

What should you do when you arrive at a breakdown in rugby? We explain breakdown decision-making and how to make the right choice for each breakdown situation.

body height breakdown
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Body height at the breakdown

How do you perfect your body height at the breakdown in rugby? This video explains the importance of breakdown height and how to get into the right body position to be effective at the breakdown.

2nd supporting player breakdown
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2nd supporting player at the breakdown

What should you do as the second supporting player to the breakdown in rugby? This video breaks down the role of the 2nd supporting player.

getting from set piece to breakdown
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Getting from the set piece to the breakdown

Your supporting line should be as direct as possible so that you arrive quickly and in a good position. It’s much much easier to protect the ball if you are the first player to arrive than if you’re slow to the ball and need to move a defender.

deciding to commit to the breakdown
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Not committing to the breakdown on defense

To ruck or not to ruck? In rugby you’ll decide to commit (or not) to every breakdown on the field. Those decisions are critical. Here’s when you should decide NOT to commit to the breakdown.

rwc goal line stands
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Best Goal Line Stands of Rugby World Cup 2015

Defensive stands are an impressive part of rugby. At the 2015 rugby world cup, we saw some of the most impressive goal line stands in history. Checkout this countdown for more.

rwc2015 driving mauls
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Best Driving Mauls of Rugby World Cup 2015

Rolling mauls have really become driving mauls in modern rugby. Here’s a run down of the best driving mauls of the 2015 rugby world cup. Checkout the over 30mins of mauling goodness.

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