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tommy luc's separated shoulder
My Injury

My Rugby Injury – Tommy Luc’s separated shoulder

They took X-rays and told me that I separated my shoulder and tore all the ligaments connecting my AC joint. I went through the rest of the summer in slight pain and received a cortisone shot before I was headed off to college.

start playing rugby in your 40s

Is it conceivable to start playing rugby in my 40s?

While it is conceivable to start playing rugby in your 40s, it’s not something you should rush into. Use the information in this article to decide if you are physically and mentally equipped.

Squat variations to prevent injury

Squat variations to guard against injury

Is it possible to improve your 1RM back squat without risking injury from heavy squat sessions? You bet! Try these squat variations – in particular the overhead and front squat – to develop functional strength without the added stress on your joints.

agility training while traveling

Can I improve my agility while traveling this summer?

If you’re traveling this summer, your rugby conditioning is likely to suffer. Off-season rugby training probably hasn’t started for you yet. But in the meantime, try these speed/agility hacks while you’re traveling this summer.

neck hyperflexion injury in rugby
My Injury

Gina ‘Gyna’ Rice’s neck hyperflexion injury

This is the story of how Gina Rice suffered a neck hyperflexion injury in a game of rugby and then underwent significant surgery and recovery to get back on the rugby field.

physio damian banks

Injury prevention with physio Damian Banks

We interview specialist Rugby Physiotherapist Damian Banks on injury prevention. What are common injuries in Rugby? How do we train to overcome injury?

Clarke Cayton

My rugby start came in 2014 with Springfield (MO) RFC. I was 32 years old at the time – unfit, and extremely overweight. It had been over a decade since I had done any real fitness or strength training. I will never forget my first pre-season training session in the

broken leg workouts for rugby comeback

Post broken-leg workouts to fuel your rugby comeback

Of all the injuries you can suffer playing rugby, a broken leg is arguably the most traumatic. Whether it’s the tibia, fibula, or femur, a broken leg bone means many weeks out and a lengthy period of rehabilitation. Here’s our guide to making a rugby comeback from your broken leg injury.

jade mcgrath's twice broken collarbone injury
My Injury

Jade McGrath’s twice broken collarbone

If you’re going to break your collarbone playing rugby, you might as well break it twice! Here’s how Jade McGrath suffered through a twice broken collarbone and still fronted up for classes on Monday #studentathlete.