Justin Mitchell’s three inch scrotum tear

In my second year of college at the University of North Texas, we as a club went and played a friendly for another men’s club. We stepped in and played for the Midland Muddogs against the Frisco Griffins (club name at that time). It was a friendly match against two Division two teams.

Where We Were

It was a sunny Saturday, around 2:00pm, typical rugby weather. It had been a very physical game. Before going into the match, our club coach told the team captain of the team we were helping out that I was a hard runner. I quickly became the workhorse of the match. It was closing in on the end of the first half, I went in for a tackle behind the gain line. It was a solid hit, and forced the offense to re-establish themselves.

justin mitchell alliance rugby


Position: Hooker
Club: Alliance Rugby Club
Injury: Torn Scrotum

How It Happened

As I was rolling away from the tackle, the ruck was forming and in the commotion of the ruck, a sharp pain hit me. It felt like I was struck in the scrotum by a professional level kicker.


After rolling around for a bit, groaning, then gaining my breath, I got up and went to join the lineout on the opposite side of the field. As I was jogging over I felt a severe stinging sensation, like salt in a open wound, and a cold stream of liquid down my leg. It was blood, running down from the middle of my footy shorts. After a minor panic, I gathered myself and walked off the pitch. I was walking to my coach as if he had the answers and he could help me and he just turned away and shouted “I don’t want to see it! TRAINER!!”


Turns out, I had cut my scrotum 3 inches along the right testicle. Everything stayed intact. The doctor cleaned it, glued the skin back together with a special form of glue used for the skin, wrapped it with gauze, applied a light taping around my scrotum to hold the gauze (even though the gauze pads used had glue on the back of them) and sent me back on.

Back On The Field!

I completed the game, scored 2 tries from the Lock position, and gave the gentlemen who stepped on me a proper outing once I stepped back on. After the match I went to the hospital where I was treated for a more permanent healing. I was given the options of removal if necessary (they always start with the worst option, don’t they?), stitches, or a stronger adhesive than what was applied and actually helps the skin grow. I obviously went with removal (totally kidding), I went with the 3rd option. After keeping the entirety of my man hood in a plastic bag for a week, no activity, and my testicles swelling to the size of apples, I was totally good! No scare, no tear, nothing. I was all good to go.


That was, until 2 seasons later when the same thing happened all over again. Now I have a minor scar but still no long term damage and I’m still playing rugby to this day! I will be starting my ninth career season and I do not plan on stopping soon!

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