Meghan Hogan’s broken collarbone

Longwood University’s Meghan Hogan tells the story of how she first broke her collarbone and has had to learn to put it back in its socket during every game.


I basically jinxed myself before the game had even started. We were playing a school across the state and I somehow managed to leave my wallet, including my insurance card and all forms of ID, in my dorm. I had also made plans to go with a couple of teammates to a local theme park after the game. I very quickly learned not to forget my wallet, and not to plan things for after the game.

female rugby player cartoon


Position: Hooker
Club: Longwood University
Injury: Broken Collarbone

Game Time

I honestly don’t remember most of how it happened. I know it was about halfway through the second half and we were losing gloriously. The ball was on the ground in front of me and I remember thinking “Hey, I can get to that!” and looking behind me to make sure I had support. My totally awesome teammates were backing away from me. I had no support, but I decided I was going to go for it anyways. I remember reaching down to pick up the ball, looking up, and seeing an opposing player coming at me with a look of murder in her eyes. The last thing I remember thinking is “F**k this is going to hurt.” before literally being launched across the field. To put this into perspective, I’m only about 4’10 and 95 pounds. When I say launched, I mean went flying back a couple feet before hitting the ground.


This is where I start to lose memory. Supposedly, I was quick to roll onto my stomach and grab for my shoulder. I also got myself off the field. I don’t even think the ref noticed. I remember having the EMT on the sidelines poke at it, and I remember sitting on the bench talking to one of my teammates, but how and when I got over to the bench I have no idea. Supposedly I lost about 20 minutes.


We went all the way home to have it finally looked at. I was told I had at the least bruised my collarbone, but my ribs crossed under where they thought I had fractured it, so they couldn’t tell if it was fractured or not. I had my arm in a sling for a week and was told to come have it x-rayed again a week later. A week later, we get it x-rayed again, and They still can’t see anything because of my ribs. So they clear me, and I’m back tackling a week after having my collarbone broken.


By being unable to read my x-rays and telling me that I could tackle again a week later, my shoulder set a little weird. You can now feel the bump in my collarbone where it was broken and my arm likes to come out of socket at random. I primarily tackle with that shoulder, so I’ve had to learn how to put my own arm back into the socket, because without fail it will come out of the socket in every game I play. It doesn’t even hurt anymore.

By Meghan Hogan

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