Flying Pigs to receive their first donation in Sept.

The phrase “when pigs fly” is an adynaton—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility. Today we welcome the Dayton Area Rugby Club to our family of sponsored rugby clubs. DARC are affectionately known as a the “Flying Pigs”. And why not? A Red and Black winged boar is one of the cooler rugby mascots we’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to score ourselves a Flying Pig polo!

Introducing the Flying Pigs

The Flying Pigs are the resident rugby club in the Dayton Area in the West of Ohio, roughly halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus. They play in an international league that includes teams from all over Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Canada. The club’s Red and Black winged board is one of the most recognizable rugby mascots in the mid-west. They’re also a tough bunch of ruggers. Here’s one of their members getting stitched up on the sidelines after a game in 2012:

Our Partnership with DARC

After a few weeks of discussion, DARC has finished signing up for the Ruck Science sponsorship program and will begin receiving donations in September. The deal means that all DARC players will get the chance to try our products for a fraction of their retail sticker value. We’ll also be helping the club promote its games, events and fundraisers through our social media marketing channels, so keep an eye out for event information as it comes to hand.

How to join the Flying Pigs

Do you live in the Dayton area and would be interested in playing rugby? You don’t need any rugby experience in order to train with and play for the Flying Pigs. The club is always interested in bringing new players into the sport and community of rugby. No experience is necessary. Just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and they’ll take care of the rest. To register with the club, fill out this form on the recruitment page of their website.

Where the team plays

Once you’ve signed up. Wait a day or two and the management and coaching staff at the Flying Pigs will be in touch to let you know about training schedules and locations. Most games are played at the pitch below if you’re interested in watching before you turn out to your first rugby training.

Something unique

One cool thing to note about DARC is that the club actually field 5 sides!! That’s a big organization. There are 2 Men’s, 1 Old Boys, a Women’s and Youth sides at the club. That means if you start as a teenager, you can play as a Flying Pig your whole life! Very few rugby clubs provide this opportunity to continuing playing so take advantage of it. The club also organizes an interesting-looking Old Boys Weekend so after your short playing cameo, you can party and hear stories from all the old Flying Pigs for hours and hours and hours. Looks and sounds awesome!

Support the Flying Pigs

There are 4 main ways to do this.

  1. Support their current sponsors – here is a full list – give them your business so the Flying Pigs can continue flying.
  2. Buy something in their online store – the Red Polo is our favorite choice. But the women’s jersey is awesome too!
  3. Sign up and pay your dues – money well spent!
  4. Make a purchase on – and use the coupon code DAYTONRUGBY for $10 off your first purchase. 

Find them online

Want to follow the story of the Flying Pigs? Here are a few links to their social profiles for real-time updates.