New sponsor for Northern Colorado Flamingos

As part of our mission to sponsor every rugby club on the planet, we’ve been signing up dozens of clubs across the USA for our unique sponsorship program. Today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a new club, this time from the great state of Colorado which has become a hotbed for rugby in the West of the country. 


The Fort Collins Flamingos rugby club was established way back in 1978 by a group of Colorado State graduates. Wondering where the ‘Flamingos’ got their name? Well you’ll have to keep wondering unfortunately as the original source of the name has been lost to the annals of history. This is what the club says though:

Don’t ask how we came up with the Flamingo as our mascot, except that the original membership included a warped, transplanted Californian with a strange sense of humor.

Good enough for us haha. 


The current membership includes 30 or so active members (who put the boots on every Saturday) and another 40 social members (expect them at the party after the game). A large majority of the members are college graduates working in a broad spectrum of skilled professions.

As in most rugby clubs, athletic abilities range from ex-collegiate football and rugby players to any newcomer willing to learn the game from scratch. The key is the will to train hard and a love of team sports. Most of the NoCo Flamingos’ members are in their late 20s but ages vary from 18-45.


As a truly international sport, rugby brings together many diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our club is enriched by a number of international players from England, Scotland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. In the community, they proudly sponsor and provide coaches to the Fort Collins Youth Rugby program.

Fort Collins finished first in the state 1994-1996 and 4th, 5th, and 6th in the nation respectively. The bottom line is that through the competition and camaraderie of their club, rugby has become more than just a game, rugby is a way of life!

The Flamingos are also heavily involved in community organizing, they regularly fundraise for causes as diverse as breast cancer research to supporting the family members of a past rugger.

Are you a member of the NoCo Flamingos?

As of this month, our company Ruck Science have become one of your club’s official sponsors. It’s a very exciting opportunity and we’re thrilled to have y’all on board! The program works like this; every time you make a purchase on – we donate up to 20% of the value of your order to the Flamingos – all you need to do is use coupon code NOCOFLAMINGOS during the checkout process.

You’ll get $10 off your first purchase. And you only need to use that coupon code once and a percentage of all future orders will be given to the club. If you’re keen to give our products a shot, here’s the best way to get started:

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Work for Ruck Science

Want a job working in rugby? Our team is actively recruiting top talent for internships and full-time positions. We don’t usually publish current opportunities. If we have one available, it will be on this page. But everyone is welcome to contact our management team to find out about what they have on offer.

Our headquarters is in Austin, TX and we’re looking for people to potentially handle international franchising opportunities, crowdfunding programs and new product development.