Normal deliveries will resume this Thursday

Good Morning all. We have some excellent news to report! Our recent delays with getting orders out to customers are a thing of the past. The new batch of products we talked about last week will arrive on Thursday morning. That means anyone who is currently waiting for an order from us will be getting it within a week. For many of you, it will be earlier than this. 

What we’ve learned from this experience

1. Always have products stored in multiple locations

We’re always looking to improve our products and services. This experience has taught us that having all your products stored at a single location means you have a single point of failure if something goes wrong. We weren’t expecting to have products ruined by water damage, so we also didn’t have a strategy for dealing with it. In the future, we’ll be working with our fulfillment company to ensure our products are stored at multiple locations within the continental United States. That way, if extreme weather, or some other environmental concern arises, we’ll be able to continue shipping products to customers. 

2. Be honest and up-front with customers

Being unable to deliver our products to customers who have already spent their hard earned money with us wasn’t much fun. We did our best to contact all customers who were affected and keep them fully informed as to the progress of the new order. Unfortunately, a few people slipped through the cracks. In particular; Jake, Chris, John-Henry, Colin and Ryan. Apologies again guys, we’ve put in place process to ensure this doesn’t happen again and that you’re fairly compensated for the inconvenience. 

3. The rugby community are a fabulous lot

Though we are a for-profit company, it’s no secret that we’re doing our best to give back to rugby players and the clubs they play for through our sponsorship program. One of the nice things about being in touch with so many amateur clubs across the US is that when something goes wrong, a lot of people are pulling for you to set it right again. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the customers, clubs, friends, players and supporters who have sent messages of support. Rugby really is a community and we’ve appreciated all the kind words over the past few weeks more than you probably imagine. Thanks again!

For anyone who hasn’t heard from us about their order

Please don’t hesitate to email me directly using tim AT or to call our office in Austin on +1.512.200.3933. If you haven’t received your full package of products by next Tuesday, panic! And then calmly call or email us and we’ll be only too happy to provide a status update and an ETA on the exact delivery time.