Rugby Training App Passes 10k Users

Just 9 months after launching our first mobile rugby training app, we have exciting news about adoption. This past week, the Ruck Science app officially passed the 10,000 monthly active user mark. That is, 10,000 users logged into the app in the past 30 days to use one of the many rugby training programs that we’ve stacked into the mobile app.


No, Programs aren’t going away

Several people have asked “now that you have the app, are you going to take the PDF programs off” The answer is absolutely not. The free versions of all our programs will remain as downloadable PDFs. The mobile app has all the same content, but adds the ability to track your workouts and results. 

We’ve replaced the community feature

Our tech provider wouldn’t help us out by creating threaded messages within Groups on the app. So we had to switch things up. We decided the best bet was to move the whole conversation to a different platform. We announced recently that we’d be moving all discussions over to our new Telegram channel where you can chat with other rugby players and get real-time feedback on your training.

BIOmetric tracking got better

Take a look at the new biometric features. The app now has a way to link with your smart watch and sync your Apple Health data. 

Payments on Stripe & PayPal

Since our tech provider couldn’t get payments working without errors, we built out our own payments pages. You can now checkout with Stripe (credit card) or PayPal from the Memberships tab within the app. 


Tim Howard

Tim Howard

Tim is one of the founders at Ruck Science who settled in Austin, TX after playing rugby all over the world for the past two decades. He's constantly used as a guinea pig for our most advanced or controversial diet and training experiments.