Partnership with San Antonio Rugby Club finalized

The team @ Ruck Science is thrilled to announce a new partnership with one of the oldest senior men’s rugby clubs in Central Texas. The partnership, between the San Antonio Rugby Club, and Ruck Science, LLC is set to begin on April 11th, 2016.

What this means for San Antonio RFC

The playing core at San Antonio RFC now has access to high-quality nutritional supplements and recovery tools specifically designed for rugby players. With finals season almost upon us, the San Antonio guys could take advantage of the partnership to stock up on recovery products, nitrate powders and no2 boosters.

Our warehouse in Atlanta is fulfilling orders quickly, with some deliveries to Central Texas arriving within 3 days. For the San Antonio club, this partnership represents an opportunity for the club to earn obligation-free revenue courtesy of our sponsorship program. It’s not just for players. Anytime a player, member, friend or fan makes a purchase on, we’ll donate 10% to the San Antonio RFC. The club will receive monthly donations from Ruck Science via PayPal.

What this means for Ruck Science

With the addition of the San Antonio Rugby Club to our list of sponsored clubs, Ruck Science will soon have donated to over 40 amateur rugby clubs in the US. This is a great achievement and a point of pride for our organization.

We’re aiming to sponsor every rugby club on the planet. But that starts with every club in Texas. This partnership with San Antonio RFC is another step in the right direction.
– Tim Howard, Founder @ Ruck Science
We’d like to wish all the boys at San Antonio RFC the best in their upcoming matches and in the finals this May. Get after it guys! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help out. For more information about the San Antonio Rugby Club, please visit their website.