What will your rugby career become? For some, it’s the bright lights of the international field, but for most it’s a life-long commitment to the amateur game. These posts provide some insight into the rugby careers of real rugby players.


When to retire from rugby?
Nick McCashin

Absolutely Broken – When to retire from Rugby?

When is it time for me to retire from rugby? Is it after the second broken cheek or the fifth? Or was I supposed to retire after the ACL reconstruction? It was hard for me to know and probably hard for you too!

Training Team

Current Opening: Club Partnerships Manager

Rugby clubs in the United States come in all shapes, sizes, and formats, and no one partnership or sponsorship model works for all. While some

Matt Morrell rugby career
Nick McCashin

Lessons from almost-pro rugby player Matt Morrell

Matt has recently retired from Rugby, but today he is a successful entrepreneur with his own security company Safe Simple and Secure, his security app and has many other successful investments and projects in the works. He was also an excellent center and an exceptional winger.

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