Are you sore after a rugby game or training session? Yeah, you probably should be./ Rugby is the toughest sport in the world, so as amateur rugby players we need to take recovery more seriously than anyone else. 

This archive includes all our best content to help you recover faster and get back on the training pitch. Know what works in terms of recovery programs, diet and rest.


Warming up and cooling down are critical but often overlooked parts of playing and training for rugby. Failing to warm up and cool down properly can significantly affect your performance and recovery.
Brandon Lee

Wise Up – Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down are critical but often overlooked parts of playing and training for rugby. Failing to warm up and cool down properly can significantly affect your performance and recovery.

Brandon Lee

Back to the Basics

The truth is that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t even have to follow a strict diet. All you need to do is adhere to a few fundamental principles. In this article, we outline the basics of good nutrition. Use this information to develop a personalized, sustainable healthy eating plan.

Brandon Lee

Returning to Rugby at 37 Years Old

There was a familiar feel, sound and smell when walking into the rugby changing room after being absent for nearly two years. I made a couple of cameo appearances off the bench two years ago, so it is more like four years away from the game. I had never been in this particular changing room but immediately felt comfortable…

Brandon Lee

Cheat Meals & Alcohol

It’s human nature to want what you cannot have, and eliminating certain foods from your diet can result in cravings. One way around this problem is to indulge in cheat meals. Cheat meals are when you relax your diet and eat the foods that are usually off the menu. In this article, we explore how cheat meals and overindulging in alcohol affect your progress.

Brandon Lee

Building Muscle Diet Plan – Backed By A Superhero

Whether playing rugby, bulking up or fighting Gorr the God Butcher, a protein shake is a great way to start the day. That’s right, as we explored in our article ‘What Is The Ultimate Rugby Protein Shake’, you can help drive your fitness, strength and bulk with a glass of something from the mixer, but in the case of Chris Hemsworth, it’s not rugby he bulks up for. He is the star of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, and his nutritionist says he swears by protein shakes as an alternative to the constant stream of food.

Brandon Lee

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. It is used by people all over the world for many purposes.

Brandon Lee

Healthy Eating For the Busy Rugby Player

In this article, we reveal a straightforward approach to creating simple yet tasty healthy meals and provide you with a few easy recipes to try.

tissue flossing for rugby
Patrick Dale

Will tissue flossing make you a better rugby player?

We’ve talked a lot about different options for preventing in-season rugby injuries. Here’s another one: soft tissue flossing. Does it work and will it make you a better rugby player? Let’s take a look!

melatonin as an anti-inflammatory
Training Team

Melatonin as a post-rugby anti-inflammatory

Ruggers are constantly sore due to inflammation. For some, this is a badge of honor but, the reality is that constant inflammation is not good for you and could lead to serious illness in the not-too-distant future.

4 week rest
Tim Howard

Training or Rest? Breaking the Plateau.

Before you sacrifice a chicken to the rugby gods in an effort to win back your progress, it’s important to understand what a plateau is, and what you can do about it. Training or Rest? You might need the later.

Tim Howard

Why do I have tight hips after rugby?

Unlike knees and shoulders, hips are very hard to tape up, and injuries to the hips are often harder to prevent and treat. That goes a long way to explaining why you have tight hips after your rugby games, here’s some other info.

Tim Howard

What does whey protein actually do?

Most rugby players should consume around two grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. So how do you get enough? During the season, rugby players need whey protein – here’s how it will help you.

sleep rugby training
Tim Howard

The importance of sleep in rugby training

Training for and playing rugby take a huge amount out of your body. It depletes your energy resources and causes muscle breakdown. The only way to full recover is to do nothing, to sleep deeply and to avoid over-training. Here’s how…

rugby training matter without sleep
Training Team

Does rugby training matter without sleep?

As rugby players, we like to brag about spending extra time in the gym. But considering the positive effects of sleep for recovery and muscle growth/repair, maybe we should be bragging about staying in bed.

Clarke Cayton

Beat the Heat – 10 Pool Exercises for Summer

Nobody wants to be training when the weather gets hot. But our friend Clarke T. Cayton has some great tips for taking your summer rugby training to the pool so you can ‘beat the heat this year’. #rugby #summer #training

contrast baths for rugby recovery
Patrick Dale

Why contrast baths are so good for post-rugby recovery

You’ve probably been told and resisted ice baths more than once. But luckily the science suggests that contrast baths are a better option. Try a contrast bath this weekend and let us know how your recovery goes!

returning2rugby broken leg 4
Clarke Cayton

When Rugby Breaks Your Stride – Pt4 Re-entry Phase

You’re read about the injury, a brutal broken leg, a trip to hospital and 6 months on the sidelines. Now we get to hear the end of Clarke Cayton’s story, his return to rugby for his Springfield team. Welcome back Clarke and congrats on the recovery!

tommy luc's separated shoulder
Training Team

My Rugby Injury – Tommy Luc’s separated shoulder

They took X-rays and told me that I separated my shoulder and tore all the ligaments connecting my AC joint. I went through the rest of the summer in slight pain and received a cortisone shot before I was headed off to college.

rugby recovery creatine
Training Team

Rugby recovery is better with Creatine

If you’re serious about your rugby, you should be serious about your recovery too. Creatine is one of the best rugby recovery supplements available. But sadly it’s not in every recovery supplement you’ll find on the market. Here’s why we think creatine is essential for rugby players.

after rugby games eat to recover
Patrick Dale

After rugby games, eat to recover

What should you eat right after a rugby match? Our training team breaks down what your body needs to recover fully and get ready for more rugby. It’s complete with analysis of water & electrolytes, glycogen and muscle microtrauma and how they impact post-rugby nutrition.

yoga for rugby players - how to apply yoga to a rugby fitness program
Training Team

Yoga – a practical guide for rugby players

Our training team has developed a new flexibility training module that you might call ‘rugby yoga’. It’s basically a guide to yoga for rugby players including a basic pose progression you can use to increase mobility and core strength.

rugby ibuprofen chart
Tim Howard

When should rugby players use ibuprofen? [CHART]

Are you a rugby player? Then your body likely hurts and you’re probably taking ibuprofen. Stop that now! Rugby and ibuprofen don’t always mix well. Here’s a quick guide to help you determine whether you need ibuprofen, or just some rest.

nsaid rugby
Tim Howard

Are NSAIDs bad for rugby players?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are commonplace in most rugby club dressing rooms. But are NSAIDs bad for rugby players? It depends on the situation. Are you in severe pain? If not, you might want to reconsider your use of NSAIDs after rugby games.

concussion prevention
Nick McCashin

Knocked Out: Concussion & Prevention

Head knocks are common on the rugby field. And becoming more common by extension are concussion. We used to ignore them. We used to say “harden up”. But that’s all changed. Concussions are a major talking point in the rugby community and with good reason.

mobilization of rugby injuries
Clarke Cayton

Returning to rugby: from a broken leg – pt3 mobilization

How hard is it to return to the rugby field after suffering a broken leg? Clarke Cayton explains the road back after sustaining his broken leg. It’s not an easy road, lots of rehab rest and support from his family. Read the story of his road back from a broken leg.

immobilization of rugby injuries
Clarke Cayton

When rugby breaks your stride – pt. 2 immobilization

Pt 2 in our series on what its like to break your leg playing rugby. Today, Clarke Cayton explains the immobilization phase of rugby leg injuries. You might imagine that it’s a lot of laying down and not much else. But you’d be wrong!

nutrition rugby recovery
Tim Howard

Nutrition tips for post-rugby recovery

What should you eat after a rugby game to optimize your recovery? Checkout our post-rugby nutrition tips and learn how to eat right to recover faster. We (almost) guarantee you’ll be less sore and better rested for Tuesday’s training.

best rugby recovery stretches
Patrick Dale

13 best rugby recovery stretches

How should rugby players use stretching to reduce DOMS and improve recovery? Here is a rundown of the best recovery stretches that any rugby player can do. Forget just focusing on strength training, flexibility and mobility both matter. Here’s how to improve them both.

rugby injury traumatic phase
Clarke Cayton

When rugby breaks your stride – pt. 1 Traumatic Phase

A traumatic leg injury can be a devastating experience to the amateur rugby player. When the incident occurs, the whole world instantly comes crashing down. The traumatic phase of a rugby injury usually occurs on the field so acting quickly is critical.

recovery tips for rugby
Tim Howard

10 stupid-simple recovery tips for rugby

The rugby game is over. The fight is done… for now. How do you get ready for next week? Try these 10 stupid-simple recovery tips for rugby players. Flossing, Hydrotherapy and Contrast showers? We’ve got the analysis to help you use them.

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