sevens supplements
Danielle Ordway

What supplement do rugby 7s players need?

Rugby 7s is a unique form of rugby. Diet and training principles for rugby 7s are unique too. So then, what supplement do rugby 7s players need? We believe it’s something that delivers energy, increases bloodflow and doesn’t put stress on your adrenal gland.

eating rugby 7s tournaments
Tim Howard

How to eat right at rugby 7s tournaments

What should rugby players eat at a rugby 7s tournament? Your rugby 7s diet should be vastly different than for a full game of 15s. You’ll want to stay away from caffeine and avoid any foods you’re not familiar with, here’s a quick guide including a meal plan for your 7s tournament.

Transition 15 to 7s
Calvin Harrell

Transitioning from 15s to rugby 7s

How do you transition from 15s rugby to rugby 7s? We spoke with former USA Eagles 7s coach Jules McCoy to find out the best ways to start training for 7s this summer. Hint – you’re going to be leaning out and doing a LOT more cardio!

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