What supplement do rugby 7s players need?

Since taking my first steps, I have been involved in sports. If there were a ball and field or pitch, you were guaranteed that I would be there. The adrenaline of competition fills and pushes me. The spirit and feelings give me an unequaled drive and desire.

After exploring several sports, my heart settled on rugby. There is an incomparable thrill in having my arms wrapped around the ball, charging down the pitch, anxious to hit that first tackler driving forward to score the try.

In my first years of competing, supplements were unheard of. Use of such enhancers was considered strange and unnecessary. Shaker bottles did not exist. We drank water out of regular bottles. 

Being fatigued and exhausted was just a natural aspect of competition. The aching muscles would pass in the next practice. A large meal would recharge us.

Today, we are fortunate enough to have a large number of supplements to choose prior to a workout or entering a match. Companies fight to have athletes use their product and make extravagant claims to gain an athlete’s attention. My teammates have shared various supplements with me. Most of the samples made me feel as though ants were crawling under my skin with the added effect of a desire to vomit. Feeling sick on the pitch is not a pleasant experience.

When someone mentioned supplements, I was obviously very put off until I tried Beet Elite. This unique and marvelous supplement is made from beets, a root vegetable found in Europe and Sweden. It has been around for thousands of years and contains a wide variety of nutritious vitamins and minerals. Beet Elite provides a natural, long-lasting energy boost without the negative effects of caffeine.

Before a 15s match, and especially a 7s, I fill my shaker bottle with this helpful supplement to carry me through the rigorous hours of competition. Ruck Science points out that 7s and 15s are two totally different forms of rugby. At a 7s tournament, a rugger can play up to six matches of highly charged and rapid play. The games can begin at 8:00 in the morning and last until five at night. Electrolyte levels will drop drastically with the constant motion and stress on muscles. It is for that reason I recommend Beet Elite for those long days on the pitch.

The key factor that differentiates Beet Elite from other supplements used by rugby players is the lack of caffeine. An athlete can use multiple servings of a half a scoop throughout a day of strenuous competition without concern. It has allowed me to be at the top of my game during 15s and 7s matches. My team won the National Championship in 15s and 7s in less than a month. During that time, Tim Howard was nice enough to let me test Beet Elite. It made the difference.

In the National 7s tournament, I was selected as the MVP!

Ruck Science has another great pre-workout supplement, Pre-Game. As with Beet Elite, Pre-Game did not make me ill or have any negative effects. The Davenport University 7s squad uses it and agrees with me. As I enter the competitive summer 7s competition, I will continue to use Beet Elite to keep me going in the heat of summer facing superior competition.

Check out ruckscience.com for more information on the positive effects of BeetElite!


Danielle Ordway

Danielle Ordway

Danielle has been an All-American three times. Most recently as a member of the 2016 D2 USA Rugby 15s National Champions, on the 2016 USA Rugby 7s National Champions, 2016 1 st All American Team, 2016 MVP at D2 USA Rugby 7s National Championship, captain of Davenport Women’s Rugby team, and USA Rugby Academic Honor Roll.