What are the best-practices for rugby clubs?

Over the past 12 months, the team at Ruck Science has been driven to create a range of best-practices for the amateur rugby community. Those best-practices have included tips for rugby captainsrugby sevens conditioning programs, diet profiles of pro rugby teams, and the latest sports-specific nutrition advice including Keto4Rugby which took us about 9 months to research, test and provide to our readers.

Now it’s your turn!

Call for best practices

If you’ve spent any time at all on our website, you’ll have noticed the Programs tab of our menu which contains dozens of eBooks produced by rugby programs across the world. Many of these resources, in particular, those created by BokSmart, are backed by industry-leading research into strength, conditioning and diet strategies for rugby players.

But rugby is about far more than strength and conditioning. While we could churn out eBook after eBook, rehashing rugby training programs and diet protocols, we’d like to expand our library to include resources that focus on program development and club-level administration.

So today, we’re asking for your help to create the world’s best library of rugby-related resources. Is there something your club/team/union does better than anyone else? If so, we’d like to hear about it. Here are some of the best practices we think the community would benefit from:

  • receiving local government support for your rugby club
  • structuring an amateur rugby player contract
  • providing health insurance to your players
  • recruiting college football players to your rugby club
  • buying land for a rugby club
  • building a multi-use rugby club house
  • creating a rugby 7s competition from scratch
  • how to build your rugby club’s website (currently working on this)
  • creating a rugby club youtube channel
  • a practical guide to filming/publishing your rugby club’s games
  • the best ways to sell your club merchandise
  • what events should be on your club’s calendar?
  • maintaining long-term sponsorships
  • acquiring new rugby club sponsors
  • creating new revenue streams at your rugby club
  • keeping retired players engaged after they stop playing
  • how to structure your club’s board / management team

20-1-20 PROGRAM


How to submit

Best practices don’t need to be in any particular form. They can be sent as a lengthy email to get@ruckscience.com, a PDF, a word doc or even a video if you are so inclined. It matters not to us. We will review whatever you send us, and most likely request more information from you to develop the ultimate best-practices resource that gets published on our website.

Please provide examples

We like to publish the most accurate information we possibly can. So if you’re submitting a best-practice, please provide an example of how it has been implemented at your club/franchise, etc. with some supporting evidence.

Donations for every best-practice

We understand that not everyone wants to give away their trade secrets for free. And we wouldn’t ask you to! So for every person whose best-practice document is published on ruckscience.com, we’ll make a donation to the rugby club of your choice in either cash, products or both.


Training Team

Training Team

We are building the most comprehensive library of training materials for amateur and pro rugby players. With protocols for hitting training goals including power, agility and strength. Our team consists of elite-level trainers from rugby, S&C, powerlifting and performance nutrition backgrounds.