Partnership With Dead Rabbits Rugby Announced

The team @ Ruck Science is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with one of Southern California’s up and coming rugby programs; the Dead Rabbits. From what we’ve been told, there’s not a huge amount of rugby in the high desert of SoCal. Teams like the Dead Rabbits are hoping to change that, and Ruck Science is all on board to help.

Background on the Dead Rabbits

The Dead Rabbits bill themselves as the High Desert’s Rugby Club. With teams including Men’s, under 18 Boys, and under 18 Girls. They also announced a Women’s team in the last few weeks! The club welcomes all athletes, regardless of experience, to train with the team throughout the year. The Dead Rabbits 15s season begins in late January and runs through May and the 7s season begins in June and runs through September.

“The Dead Rabbits operate with the intention of making rugby accessible to everyone within our community. What that means is sharing the sport with everyone, either as a player or spectator. We strive to be active members of our community, making the High Desert a better place to live.We work under the theory of “from the cradle to the grave” so it is our constant pursuit to expand the club to all ages and genders while being an institution in our community.

To be a Dead Rabbit means that you hold yourself to a higher standard both on and off the pitch. There is no off-season for us, as we constantly train, play and volunteer for events. Our partnership with RUCK SCIENCE is another step in changing the culture of club rugby in Southern California, and the U.S. Both of our organizations are focused on the growth of rugby. We are very excited for what we can do together.”

– Christian Weathers

What this partnership means for the Dead Rabbits

As the Dead Rabbits organization looks to expand its involvement in the community, this partnership with Ruck Science will be central to on-going fundraising efforts for the club. Any purchases of Ruck Science products including our whey protein, post-rugby and pre-workout for rugby by Dead Rabbits members, will give the club critical revenue. Ruck Science will donate 10% of every order back to the Dead Rabbits organization. Find out all about Dead Rabbits Rugby or go here to buy some of their gear.

What this means for Ruck Science

The Dead Rabbits are one of the first rugby clubs in Southern California to take advantage of the Ruck Science sponsorship program. California represents a huge opportunity for our organization to expand. As we look to grow the program across the US, we hope that the Dead Rabbits and other clubs across the country will be able to grow with us.