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After several weeks of discussions, Ruck Science has finalized a partnership agreement with Smith College WRFC. The agreement is set to begin on November 7th of this year and will remain in effect for as long as both parties find it agreeable. With our sponsorship program now open to Smith College, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the club and their place in the New England Women’s Collegiate Rugby Conference.

Club history

Smith College has had a rugby team since way back in 1969. Which makes them one of the oldest women’s college rugby programs on the East Coast.

“Being initiated into the great sport of rugby is not merely a change in your sports agenda, or, even just an introduction into the wide world of sports in general. Joining rugby is, in essence, joining a state of mind. Bruises are beautiful. Excessive amounts of mud is better. Mouthguards are a fashion statement, and spending an hour and a half trying to beat the stuffing out of somebody then sharing a raunchy song or seven is acceptable, nay, expected.”

The bones of the Smith College Rugby Club, and the purpose behind it and the way it functions administratively can be found in the club’s constitution.

Recent success

As participation has increased over the past few seasons, on-field performance has steadily improved as well. Some recent results for the club include:

  • Fall 2015: 2nd place – Division 2, New England Women’s Collegiate Rugby Conference. Finished ranked 18th in the country for Division 2 Women
  • Fall 2013: 2nd place NSCRO Nationals

Cool stuff they do at Smith College

You can tell from looking at their Facebook page feed that Smith College WRFC have a really fantastic attitude towards the lifestyle of rugby. There are some great photos, events and fundraising ideas on the page. In addition, they put together an awesome video (below) detailing how rugby has changed the way the players think about themselves and their physical appearance. Check it out!

‘The Body Project’

Rugby @ Smith College

Are you a player or supporter at Smith College?

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