fitness v fatness in rugby
Tim Howard

Fitness Vs. Fatness in Rugby

Over the past few decades, rugby players have slimmed down. There aren’t as many obviously overweight players as there were in the 80s and 90s. At all levels, amateur to international, fatness has taken a back seat to fitness.

start playing rugby in your 40s
Patrick Dale

Is it conceivable to start playing rugby in my 40s?

While it is conceivable to start playing rugby in your 40s, it’s not something you should rush into. Use the information in this article to decide if you are physically and mentally equipped.

how youth rugby helps you as an adult
Training Team

How will youth rugby help you as an adult?

How can youth rugby help you become successful as an adult if you are not good enough to go professional? Here are the physical, mental and life skill benefits of youth rugby.

ankle tap rugby training strategies
Patrick Dale

Training to beat an ankle tap in rugby

The best ankle tap beating strategy is making sure you can outpace the player chasing you down. A well-timed hitch kick or sidestep will help too. Try the following exercises and drills.

solo rugby training
Patrick Dale

Can I train rugby alone? If so, what exercises should I do?

Rugby is a team sport – but, of course, you already know that! So, to be a successful rugby player, you need to train with your teammates regularly. Team training sessions are important for lots of reasons, including: Developing individual

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