ankle tap rugby training strategies
Patrick Dale

Training to beat an ankle tap in rugby

The best ankle tap beating strategy is making sure you can outpace the player chasing you down. A well-timed hitch kick or sidestep will help too. Try the following exercises and drills.

solo rugby training
Patrick Dale

Can I train rugby alone? If so, what exercises should I do?

Rugby is a team sport – but, of course, you already know that! So, to be a successful rugby player, you need to train with your teammates regularly. Team training sessions are important for lots of reasons, including: Developing individual

rugby prop sprint
Tim Howard

How can Props train to become faster?

Speed is a massive part of playing rugby. Being quick on your feet can be the difference between scoring, making a timely tackle, or reaching a loose ball first, or failing to be in the right place at the right

Training Team

Can I train to get better at sidestepping?

Want to become a more agile ball-carrier that can side-side their way to the tryline? Here are some useful exercises and training methods that will help develop your sidestepping muscles.

rugby shin splints
Patrick Dale

Can I play rugby with shin splits?

Rugby players are usually heavier than the average jogger and running places a lot of stress on your body, particularly your lower legs. So can you play rugby with shin splints? Possibly, if you do it correctly…

get stronger for lineout lifts
Patrick Dale

How do I get stronger for lineout lifts?

Lineout lifting requires more than just shoulder strength, which is the target muscle group in all overhead pressing exercises. A good lift starts with a powerful leg drive, making lineout lifting a full-body activity.

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