What is the ultimate rugby protein shake?

When you are short of time and have a limited supply of food or ingredients a pint of milk is your best bet after a workout.

However, if you are prepared and want the Ultimate Rugby Protein shake, then look no further. This rugby-focused shake will make a difference in recovery, energy, and your ability to increase lean muscle mass.

I have used this shake when my training load has been high and I simply can not eat enough. Sometimes when we smash the gym or a game getting in those vital calories is difficult.

This is what has worked for me to help build muscle and maintain weight throughout the Rugby season. We’ll start with the ingredients, all designed to maximize recovery while keeping toxicity to an absolute minimum. Enjoy ruggers!

Rugby Shake Ingredients:

1 scoop of whey protein powder 30g – be sure your protein is approved as 30% of whey is contaminated with illegal substances, not good if you want to be a professional athlete

1 x bananas – either frozen or not

1/2 cup of frozen berries – mostly raspberries and blueberries for their antioxidant benefits. Helps fight inflammation. (From all those soft tissue knocks).

1 tablespoon of almond butter

2-3 x brazil nuts – they boost testosterone (or you can stop carrying your cellphone in your pocket near your own nuts) and they help muscle growth – You can put these into blender but I just eat them while I am blending.

1/4 cup of plain oats – you can add more or less depending on how you feel but it will give a grainy texture. Slow release carbohydrates to give you energy throughout the day. (Depending on your diet plan you may not use this).

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon – helps burn fat and give flavor

1 x teaspoon of vanilla extract – Mostly for taste

1 x tablespoon of natural honey – a little natural sweetness and taste – use Manuka honey if the budget allows it as it has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

2 x teaspoon of Chia seeds – these are packed with Omega 3s or simply good fats for the brain and body

A shit-load of ice

Cover in whole fat milk – important for recovery and growth


2 x Raw eggs – if you want to push the boat out

I would recommend having one of these shakes in the morning of your big workout days when you have beasted the gym and highly recommend when developing the muscle for Rugby in the off season or maintaining weight throughout the season. Basic guidelines are maximum 3 a week. Add to your already good nutrition habits of whole foods. Get lots of different colors and variety into your diet.

A similar shake is recommended by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body.


Nick McCashin

Nick McCashin

Nick McCashin is a former Bay of Plenty representative who has played professionally in England, France and Spain. Nick is currently playing and coaching in Scotland where he is writing and developing content to help players excel on and off the field.