How can you optimize your nutrition so that it improves you performance on the rugby field? That’s the question our team has spent years trying to answer. 

This archive has some of our best thoughts on nutrition for rugby, what to eat, when to eat it and how to tweak your diet to get the best performance possible.


Brandon Lee

Back to the Basics

The truth is that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t even have to follow a strict diet. All you need to do is adhere to a few fundamental principles. In this article, we outline the basics of good nutrition. Use this information to develop a personalized, sustainable healthy eating plan.

Brandon Lee

Returning to Rugby at 37 Years Old

There was a familiar feel, sound and smell when walking into the rugby changing room after being absent for nearly two years. I made a couple of cameo appearances off the bench two years ago, so it is more like four years away from the game. I had never been in this particular changing room but immediately felt comfortable…

Brandon Lee

Cheat Meals & Alcohol

It’s human nature to want what you cannot have, and eliminating certain foods from your diet can result in cravings. One way around this problem is to indulge in cheat meals. Cheat meals are when you relax your diet and eat the foods that are usually off the menu. In this article, we explore how cheat meals and overindulging in alcohol affect your progress.

Brandon Lee

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant. It is used by people all over the world for many purposes.

Brandon Lee

Healthy Eating For the Busy Rugby Player

In this article, we reveal a straightforward approach to creating simple yet tasty healthy meals and provide you with a few easy recipes to try.

Training Team

How to Successfully Meal Prep for Gains

Meal prepping is a fantastic new trend in which people make large quantities of one meal and spread it out to eat throughout the week or freeze to eat at a later date. Keep reading to learn how to successfully meal prep for gains.

protein in preseason
Training Team

More protein won’t help you add mass during pre-season

Need to get bigger this pre-season? Don’t get the grill out just yet. A study by researchers in Brisbane has revealed that increased protein distribution has NO effect on changes in lean mass during a rugby pre-season.

simplify your rugby diet
Training Team

Simplify your in-season rugby diet

If the subject of nutrition leaves you feeling dazed and confused, ignore all the pseudo-science and marketing hype and simplify your in-season rugby diet.

Tim Howard

What does whey protein actually do?

Most rugby players should consume around two grams of protein per kg of body weight per day. So how do you get enough? During the season, rugby players need whey protein – here’s how it will help you.

pasta before rugby games
Patrick Dale

Should I eat pasta before a rugby game?

Pasta is low in fat, high in carbs, easy to digest, and readily available. This all suggests that it’s the ideal pre-game carb source for rugby players. And for many ruggers, pasta is a good nutritional choice.

Intermittent fasting during rugby season
Patrick Dale

Intermittent Fasting; can it be used during rugby season?

Can you use intermittent fasting as part of your diet during rugby season? It’s certainly possible, but with quite a few caveats. This article explores the concept and describes the kind of player who might use IMF during the rugby season.

cut bulk or maintain for rugby
Training Team

Should I cut, bulk or maintain mass for rugby?

Should you cut weight, bulk up or maintain your mass for this rugby season? The answer is, it really depends. But there are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding on your training goals this year. Here’s a brief recap.

Rugby players need crave sugar
Training Team

Why rugby players crave/need sugar

Why do rugby players need and at the same time crave sugar? Rugby demands energy. LOTS of energy! For that, complex carbohydrates in the form of sugars are some of the most important foods for rugby players to be eating.

rugby fit without eating breakfast
Training Team

Can you get rugby-fit without eating breakfast?

Caloric restriction is becoming a popular diet strategy – so we’re asking, can you get rugby-fit without eating breakfast? Sure can, here’s how. It’s a common misconception that you need as many calories as you consume. Intermittent fasting has captured the imagination of citizens, athletes and rugby players. Here’s why.

smoothie recipes for after rugby games
Training Team

Smoothie recipes for after rugby games

what you consume immediately after your rugby game can have a big impact on your rate of recovery. Don’t miss this window! Try one of our smoothie recipes, designed specifically for use after rugby games and training. Get the protein you need and the electrolytes your body craves with these smoothie recipes.

Five otc supplements every rugby player needs
Patrick Dale

Five over the counter (OTC) supplements every rugger needs

Can you get a performance boost from the grocery store? Supplements can be an incredibly powerful way to improve your rugby performance. But you don’t need to spend a zillion $$$. Try these five over the counter supplements every rugby player needs in their kit bag.

using post rugby in your after match smoothies
Training Team

4 ways to use post-rugby in your smoothies

Post-Rugby facilitates recovery from a variety of angles. We designed this post-rugby supplement to be packed with electrolytes, creatine and BCAAs. Here are our top 4 ways to use Post-Rugby in your after rugby smoothie recipes.

OTC supplements for cognitive function
Tim Howard

OTC supplements for cognitive function gains

Our team is deeply committed to creating supplements and stacks that provide cognitive gains for rugby players at training and during games. But you don’t have to rely on for all your supplements. There is some create stuff you can get over the counter. Try these options!

unknown rugby whey recipes
Patrick Dale

Six rugby whey recipes you probably haven’t thought of

Not sure how to mix our rugby-focused whey protein into a smoothie or baked goods? Here are six rugby whey recipes you probably haven’t thought of. They can be used in pre and post rugby smoothies recipes during the season.

protein for rugby players
Training Team

How much protein should rugby players eat?

Are you measuring your macronutrients? This blog covers macronutrients and in particular answers the question, how much protein should rugby players eat? It’s going to be different for every rugby player depending on your training goals and playing objectives.

weird ways to use our pre-workout for rugby
Tim Howard

10 weird ways to use our pre-workout powder

Sometimes just taking pre-workout in a shaker gets a bit boring. Here are 10 “weird” ways to use our pre-workout powder you might not have thought of. We’ve heard of it going into cocktails, milk and a whole bunch of other substances. Check them out here!

after rugby games eat to recover
Patrick Dale

After rugby games, eat to recover

What should you eat right after a rugby match? Our training team breaks down what your body needs to recover fully and get ready for more rugby. It’s complete with analysis of water & electrolytes, glycogen and muscle microtrauma and how they impact post-rugby nutrition.

Nick McCashin

The case for ‘bulking up’ for rugby

Discover the simple steps to build muscle for the upcoming rugby season. This article covers the case for bulking up, what foods to eat, programs to follow and supplements to swear by if you want to get bigger for rugby.

halftime chat at rugby game
Training Team

Halftime nutrition and hydration protocols

Halftime nutrition is an incredibly overlooked aspect of rugby performance. Today’s blog deals with halftime diet and nutrition protocols for rugby players to use during rugby games. What should you hydrate with at halftime and how should you administer it to players on your team?

how to structure your pre-season rugby diet
Patrick Dale

How to structure your pre-season rugby diet

A rugby player’s diet is during pre-season then it is in the rugby season. This pre-season rugby diet plan will help you get the most out of your training. It’s designed around helping you become a leaner, stronger rugby player with a higher power-to-weight ratio.

nutrition rugby recovery
Tim Howard

Nutrition tips for post-rugby recovery

What should you eat after a rugby game to optimize your recovery? Checkout our post-rugby nutrition tips and learn how to eat right to recover faster. We (almost) guarantee you’ll be less sore and better rested for Tuesday’s training.

rugby player hydration
Training Team

Best methods for re-hydrating rugby players

What are the best ways to hydrate as a rugby player? Learn how to avoid cramping, over-hydration and performance decline due to an ineffective fluid intake. Stop yelling “get him some water” – it might not be what the player needs to get hydrated.

ultimate rugby protein shake
Nick McCashin

What is the ultimate rugby protein shake?

When you are short of time and have a limited supply of food or ingredients a pint of milk is your best bet after a workout. But if you have a decked-out kitchen, try this rugby-focused protein shake by Nick McCashin.

sevens supplements
Danielle Ordway

What supplement do rugby 7s players need?

Rugby 7s is a unique form of rugby. Diet and training principles for rugby 7s are unique too. So then, what supplement do rugby 7s players need? We believe it’s something that delivers energy, increases bloodflow and doesn’t put stress on your adrenal gland.

l-citrulline for rugby players
Training Team

How L-citrulline can improve your rugby

Why should L-citrulline be a part of your rugby diet? Today we go for a deep dive on this pre-workout ingredient to test it for rugby performance benefits. It’s one of the most important amino acids you can consume – so get after it!

eating rugby 7s tournaments
Tim Howard

How to eat right at rugby 7s tournaments

What should rugby players eat at a rugby 7s tournament? Your rugby 7s diet should be vastly different than for a full game of 15s. You’ll want to stay away from caffeine and avoid any foods you’re not familiar with, here’s a quick guide including a meal plan for your 7s tournament.

rugby day nutrition guide
Training Team

Rugby day nutrition guide (carbohydrate adjusted)

What should rugby players eat before a rugby game? We examine pre-game and game day nutrition for rugby players including full meal plans for Saturday – this guide assumes that you are a carbohydrate-adjusted player as opposed to fat-adjusted.

rugby diet chipotle
Tim Howard

What rugby players should eat at Chipotle

Nutrition is becoming an increasingly important part of creating the modern rugby player.
Here’s what rugby players should eat at Chipotle both on off days and days when you have rugby training. Use it for your game day nutrition plan too!

nz rugby guidance on supplements
Tim Howard

NZ Rugby’s guidance on nutritional supplements

What is NZ Rugby’s position on the use of nutritional supplements by young players? We break down their position paper on supplement usage. Complete with the guidance, and a commentary from our product team clarifying the advice.

beets for a rugby player's diet
Training Team

How beets can benefit rugby players

Beets should be included in every rugby player’s diet. This article explains how beets can benefit rugby players for endurance and circulation. They’re an excellent way to balance the macronutrient content of your pre-game rugby diet.

lean out rugby
Training Team

How to lean-out for rugby season

Rugby players are getting bigger and leaner. How do you lean out for rugby season? Here’s how to get lean by changing your diet, training and sleep. You’ll still be able to go to rugby training. In fact, you might even find performance benefits to this program.

all blacks diet
Training Team

The All Blacks’ world cup winning diet

What did the All Blacks eat at the 2015 world cup? We break down what has been publicly said about the All Blacks’ diet and how it has changed to a lower-carb macronutrient count over the past few decades.

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