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how to train specifically for your rugby position
Tim Howard

How to train specifically for your position

Not all rugby players fit into the same mold. The physical demands of each position require a different kind of training depending on where you’re going to play. So in this blog we’ve done our best, in a few words, to explain how to train specifically for your rugby position, without overthinking the whole process.

hill sprints and cycling for rugby training
Patrick Dale

Should I cycle or do hill sprints this season?

Question: I’m training for rugby season – should I do hill sprints or cycling? The good news is, you can do both during your cardio training. Follow our Tabata, Pyramid and Death Riff programs for the best of cycling and sprint training.

shoulder training for rugby players
Tim Howard

Shoulders and rugby – what do I need to know?

What do you (rugby players!) need to know about shoulder training? It’s the most complex joint in the body and so many things can go wrong, it’s critical to understand shoulder stability and strength if you’re going to train effectively to prevent shoulder injuries this rugby season.

in-season rugby training tips
Patrick Dale

Three Tips for In-season High Intensity Training

Rugby season is in full swing in many places. How do you stay strong, fast and lean during the season when you’ve gotta throwdown at 2 rugby training sessions and during a game as well? Here are three tips for keeping your in-season training super high-intensity!

rugby fit without eating breakfast
Training Team

Can you get rugby-fit without eating breakfast?

Caloric restriction is becoming a popular diet strategy – so we’re asking, can you get rugby-fit without eating breakfast? Sure can, here’s how. It’s a common misconception that you need as many calories as you consume. Intermittent fasting has captured the imagination of citizens, athletes and rugby players. Here’s why.

best balance training for rugby players
Patrick Dale

Best balance training for rugby players

What is the best way to become a more agile rugby player? Balance baby, balance. Ever notice how the agilest rugby players can accelerate from any body position? Yup, this article will show you how they do it.

Bodyweight training for in-season strength maintenance
Patrick Dale

Bodyweight training for in-season strength maintenance

Research suggests that just one or two workouts per week can maintain strength and power during the in-season rugby training period. During this time, you’ve also got rugby training, games and recovery sessions, so it’s critical to tailor in-season training maintaining strength.

gymnastic strength training for rugby
Tim Howard

Gymnastic strength training for rugby players

How can you use gymnastic strength training to become a better rugby player? Our training team explains the relationship between rugby and gymnastics. Especially for older rugby players, the gymnastic focus on flexibility and mobility can help you prolong your rugby career.

cardio for rugby players
Tim Howard

How much cardio do rugby players really need?

How much cardio do rugby players need? The answer is it depends on your levels of fitness, position and goals for the upcoming season. But in general terms, you probably want to have a higher cardio base than you have now. Here’s how to get that cardio.

Rugby strength without killing your joints
Training Team

Rugby strength without killing your joints

Rugby and strength training can both be tough on your joints. Here are Ruck Science’s 5 rules for successful joint-friendly strength training for rugby. We promise you fewer injuries, a greater range of motion and ultimately, more strength for the season.

train for rugby on business trip
Training Team

Can you train for rugby while on a business trip?

How do you manage to train for rugby while you’re on a business trip? Here are some tips for business trip workouts to keep you fit for Saturday’s game. It’s ideal for anyone who is going to miss training on Tuesday and Thursday, but who still wants to make the rugby game on Saturday.

Single arm movements for rugby-focused strength
Training Team

Single-limb movements for rugby-focused strength

What are the best single-limb movements for rugby players to use to develop strength for the rugby field? Here’s our breakdown of the top nine single-limb movements that (when incorporated into your training program) can help you become a better and stronger rugby player.

rugby speed training program
Training Team

A speed program for lightning-fast rugby wingers

Speed is one of the most intimidating factors in rugby. The faster you can sprint, the better you can evade the opposition, attack, score, or defend. Wingers, and to a lesser extent fullbacks, will need to train differently if they want to be lightning-fast on the rugby field.

power exercises for rugby
Patrick Dale

Power exercises for rugby players to master

Power is crucial in rugby. The more you produce, the harder you hit and the faster you can cover the field. Try these power exercises this pre-season. You’ll get stronger, leaner and more powerful in the process, all good things for rugby players!

workout day before rugby match
Tim Howard

How to work out the day before a rugby match

You’ve got a rugby game tomorrow but you want to go to the gym for fear of getting wrecked before the game. No problem! A workout the day before a rugby match can actually show performance benefits. Here’s how to train on Friday for Rugby Day (Saturday!!!).

rugby wrestling
Training Team

Wrestling drills for rugby fitness

Can you develop rugby strength and fitness by using traditional wrestling drills? You bet! In fact, wrestling is one of the best cross-training techniques for rugby players. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in-season or off-season, wrestling works anytime baby!

rugby pro strength program
Patrick Dale

How to build rugby prop strength

How do you build the strength of a rugby prop? This prop workout program is designed to help you develop the strength to play in the front row. Props need to be bulky, powerful and ultimately, really damn strong – that’s what this program promises.

rugby muscular endurance
Training Team

Developing muscular endurance for the rugby field

Developing muscular endurance for the rugby field April 12, 2017 / Training Team / Conditioning, Endurance, Strength, Training Rugby is a sport where strength and power are undeniably king. Scrummaging, tackling, and sprinting for the line are all good examples

best rugby training blogs
Training Team

Best rugby training blogs of the year

We’ve finally finished combing through the best rugby training blogs from 2016. Boy was there a lot to choose from! Here are the top 10 rugby training blog posts of 2016. Check in next year for an updated list of training blogs.

battling off season weight gain
Jonesboro Chiefs RFC

Battling off season weight gain

Calvin Harrell explains how to avoid serious off-season weight gain and stay in shape for the upcoming rugby season. Exercising during the holidays isn’t easy, but if you want to stay in shape for rugby, here are some tricks for the holidays.

lower body conditioning rugby
Tim Howard

Lower-body conditioning for rugby – get a sled

Pushing, pulling and sprinting with a weighted sled might well be the best lower body conditioning strategy for rugby players to get fit for rugby season. It’s one of the most rugby-specific workouts you can do outside playing rugby (obviously!).

odd object lifting for rugby
Training Team

Unconventional rugby training using odd objects

Unconventional rugby training using odd objects July 26, 2016 / Training Team / Core, strength, Training Chaos is a state of disorder where a present condition or circumstance cannot accurately predict future conditions. Rugby is chaotic. It’s less like a

rugby jiu jitsu
Tim Howard

Why rugby players should train Jiu Jitsu

Why rugby players should train Jiu Jitsu July 12, 2016 / Tim Howard / Core, endurance, Training Elite rugby players and coaches are always looking for an advantage over their competition. The Scottish rugby union’s coaching program, for example, runs

Training Team

Gym workout for lineout jumpers who also lift

Gym workout for lineout jumpers who also lift May 3, 2016 / Training Team / Flankers, Training There was a time in rugby before the game became professional when lineouts were much more evenly contested than they are today. Way back

bear complex - the single bar strength workout
Training Team

Bear Complex – single bar rugby strength workout

Bear Complex – single bar rugby strength workout April 13, 2016 / Training Team / Strength, Training, Workouts Single-bar barbell complexes are a challenging training method that can be used by amateur rugby players to achieve many strength and conditioning

rugby training drills from the Ohio Aviators
Training Team

Rugby training drills from the Ohio Aviators

Rugby training drills from the Ohio Aviators April 7, 2016 / Training Team / Attack, Drills, Training We shouldn’t be breaking news by telling you there’s a professional rugby league starting in the United States. Pro Rugby‘s inaugural season is

the rectangel flanker cardio program
Training Team

The Rectangle – flanker cardio program

Increase your Vo2 max threshold and your ability to replicate bursts of high-intensity with the help of our cardio program for rugby flankers.

rugby leg workout for power
Training Team

The best rugby leg workout for power

Everybody wants a workout program to gives them rugby legs. Today, we bring you the best rugby leg workout for gains in strength and lower body power.

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