Ready to start training for the upcoming rugby season? If you’ve already downloaded one of our programs, you’re probably in a good place. But there’s always more you can do to train smarter.

The workouts below are highly rugby-focused. We’ve got them for forwards, lineout jumpers, wingers looking to get faster and more. Try them today and take a smarter approach to working out for rugby. 


Brandon Lee

How Strong Are Rugby Players?

Rugby is one of the few sports that require a high level of all-around physical fitness. a rugby player’s strength can be measured with four exercises: back squats, bench press, deadlifts and overhead press. So this raises a question: How strong are rugby players?

Brandon Lee

Most Important Rugby Exercises and Why?

Few sports are as physically demanding as rugby. To be an effective rugger, you need strength, power, muscle mass, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, agility, and mobility.

Brandon Lee

French Contrast Training

Training for rugby can be very time-consuming. As well as developing a decent level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness, you need to be quick, agile, strong, and powerful, too. You’ll also need to find time to work on your mobility and flexibility and continue improving your rugby skills.

Brandon Lee

10 HIIT Workouts For Faster Rugby Fitness

10 HIIT Workouts for Faster Rugby Fitness Facebook Twitter Share Time is arguably the most valuable commodity. It’s something that often seems to run out fast, and it’s tough to make more. That’s especially true for rugby players because, on

rugby player squat depth
Patrick Dale

What’s the best ROM for a rugby player’s squat?

While deep squats can be very beneficial for some rugby players, not everyone is built to squat ass to grass. Here’s our guide to the ideal range of motion for a rugby player’s squat.

concentric phase triphasic rugby training
Training Team

Concentric phase (of triphasic) for rugby training

Triphasic training is one way to increase rugby performance using weights. Unlike plyometrics and Olympic lifting, it uses traditional barbell and dumbbell exercises to improve strength and power.

isometric phase of triphasic for rugby
Training Team

Isometric phase (of triphasic) for rugby training

Isometric contractions bridge the gap between eccentric contractions and concentric contractions. They are the link that joins these two different contractions together. They’re also a game changer for rugby training.

eccentric phase of triphasic rugby training
Training Team

Eccentric phase (of triphasic) for rugby training

For rugby players looking to break through a strength plateau in the gym, the eccentric phase of triphasic training could well be your ticket. Take a deep dive into eccentric training with guru Pat Dale of our training team.

lineout explosion drills
Training Team

Explosion drills for lineout jumpers

The winner of the lineout is often the team with the fastest, highest jumpers. Here is a compilation of the 10 best explosion drills for lineout jumping. Get out there and start jumping higher, you’ll win more ball and your lifters will thank you.

building a crazy cardio base
Training Team

Building a crazy cardio-base without running

How do you build a cardio base for rugby season without running? It comes down to exercise selection. The #1 thing you want to do is avoid injury. So we recommend eliminating impact in your cardio training by jumping in the pool, on the bike or the rowing machine this pre-season.

cardio for rugby players
Tim Howard

How much cardio do rugby players really need?

How much cardio do rugby players need? The answer is it depends on your levels of fitness, position and goals for the upcoming season. But in general terms, you probably want to have a higher cardio base than you have now. Here’s how to get that cardio.

Rugby strength without killing your joints
Training Team

Rugby strength without killing your joints

Rugby and strength training can both be tough on your joints. Here are Ruck Science’s 5 rules for successful joint-friendly strength training for rugby. We promise you fewer injuries, a greater range of motion and ultimately, more strength for the season.

power exercises for rugby
Patrick Dale

Power exercises for rugby players to master

Power is crucial in rugby. The more you produce, the harder you hit and the faster you can cover the field. Try these power exercises this pre-season. You’ll get stronger, leaner and more powerful in the process, all good things for rugby players!

kettlebell exercises for lineout lifters
Training Team

Kettlebell exercises for lineout lifters

How can lineout lifters incorporate kettlebell exercises into their workouts? Our training team explains the benefit of kettlebells for lineout lifters. But you can also apply many of these same training principles if you’re a scrumhalf, centre or any other positional rugby player.

indoor rugby conditioning workouts
Patrick Dale

Indoor rugby-specific conditioning workouts

How do you train for rugby season if you can’t go outside? Simple. You try one of these rugby-specific conditioning workouts built to be done indoors. It’ll let you avoid the sun, the snow and any risk of a tan. But you’ll be fitter and stronger for the privilege.

workout day before rugby match
Tim Howard

How to work out the day before a rugby match

You’ve got a rugby game tomorrow but you want to go to the gym for fear of getting wrecked before the game. No problem! A workout the day before a rugby match can actually show performance benefits. Here’s how to train on Friday for Rugby Day (Saturday!!!).

bear complex - the single bar strength workout
Training Team

Bear Complex – single bar rugby strength workout

Looking for ways to get both strong and fit during pre-season? Try the bear complex. It’s a single-bar strength workout that works on power and conditioning for your entire body. The Bear Complex is absolutely ideal for rugby players!

beep test variations rugby fitness
Training Team

Get rugby fit with these beep test variations

Beep testing is usually used to test Vo2 Max in athletes, so it’s not typically a training methodology. But pushing your Vo2 Max is also a great way to get fitter. Get rugby-fit by implementing these beep test variations.

rugby leg workout for power
Training Team

The best rugby leg workout for power

Everybody wants a workout program to gives them rugby legs. Today, we bring you the best rugby leg workout for gains in strength and lower body power. You’ll be doing plenty of squats, but also pairing these with explosion plyometric exercises.

rowing is the best cardio for rugby
Training Team

Rowing is the best cardio training for rugby

IOO rowing is the best cardio training for rugby players. Every rugger can follow these rowing programs and develop their cardio base this off-season. It’s a great way to build your cardio capacity without putting pressure on your joints.

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