Our first club partner in Iowa; the Bremer Bucks

It’s our pleasure to announce that Ruck Science is expanding our sponsorship program to provide nutrition for rugby players in Iowa. Yes, that’s right, Iowa. They play rugby up there too!! Beginning in August, the Bremer Brucks will officially start receiving donations from Ruck Science every time a player or supporter buys one of our nutritional supplements. Up to 20% of every purchase will go directly back to the club in the form of a cash donation.

Background on the Bremer Bucks

The Bremer Bucks rugby club has existed in the great state of Iowa since all the way back in 1975. The club draws from the entire Bremer County which lies just north of Waterloo in central Iowa. The Bucks currently have one side which plays in the USA Rugby Division 3 competition. They usually play between 8 and 12 games in a given season. Their fields are on the North side of Waverley – you can follow the directions on this page OR use this map, to get to their games.

Checkout their recruiting video

Why the partnership?

Amateur rugby clubs generally find it quite difficult to find sponsors and partners who will stick around for a long time and contribute regularly to the club. The challenge is not specific to the Bremer Bucks. In fact, the Bucks have quite a few sponsors who have been with the club for many years. Funding an amateur rugby club isn’t at all like running an NFL franchise, so many people like the founders at Ruck Science have begun creating businesses for the rugby community.

As part of our partnership with the Bucks, they’ll be able to use their collective buying power to purchase a whole range of supplements like Whey protein, pre-workout powder and our new training stack and support their rugby club in the process. Ruck Science will donate up to 20% of every purchase directly back to the Bucks in the form of a cash donation.

Supporting the Bucks

There are three different ways you can support the Bremer Bucks:

  1. Frequent their current sponsors
  2. Buy merchandise from their online store
  3. enter the coupon code BREMERBUCKS when you checkout on ruckscience.com and you’ll get $10 off your first purchase

More on the Bucks

For more information about playing for or supporting the Bremer Bucks, we encourage you to checkout their website and social media profiles listed below: