FREE Shipping on Stacks with code: SHIPMYSTACK

What’s happening world? The Ruck Science team would like to announce a change to our very-popular rugby supplement stack. Starting today, we’re now providing FREE SHIPPING on every sample stack to every rugby player in the USA. 

Why free shipping??

As a startup, we like to think of ourselves as fairly agile and able to make improvements quickly. In July, we made some internal changes that have brought down the cost of the sample stack. So in the spirit of rugby, we decided to pass those savings on to you, our awesome fans.

How does it work?

The sticker price for the sample stack is $19.95. Rather than asking for a flat rate of $5 for shipping on top of that, we’ve provided the coupon SHIPMYSTACK immediately below the product description. Enter that coupon code during the checkout process and your cart will receive free shipping. Please not, this isn’t automatic. For some reason, we can’t work out how to do that. We’re rugby players, not astronauts. But we guarantee that the free shipping coupon works. So please stop forgetting, we feel bad that people keep paying for shipping when they don’t need to.  

What’s in the sample stack?

Our full supplement stack, Ruck Everything comes complete with Whey Protein, Pre-Workout Powder, Post-Rugby, No2 Booster and our Cognitive Enhancer. But for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try our supplements, the sample stack gives you a taste of all these supplements so you can try them as part of your rugby training diet. 

What about the stack?

The stack is yours to keep! Please don’t ask us how to return it, we honestly wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that. If you don’t like it, please make a video of yourself trying to drop-kick it through a set of rugby goals. The moment we receive your video, we’ll provide a full refund, because we honestly don’t think that’s possible. Challenge thrown down!

Who is loving the stack?

Here are just a couple of happy customers. Thanks for taking such great photos guys!