Try our new sample supplement stack

The Ruck Science team would like to announce the launch of a new product in our online store. Well, it’s not so much a new product, as a new combination of our current products. Introducing, the rugby sample stack. The Stack features all four of Ruck Science’s unique nutritional supplements for rugby players. PLUS you get them all packed into a GoStack by Blender Bottle. 

Why try it?

Our full supplement stack, Ruck Everything comes complete with Whey Protein, Pre-Workout Powder, No2 booster, post-rugby formula and our cognitive enhancer. But for those of you who haven’t had a chance to try our supplements, this gives you the chance to sample everything in our range for just $19.95!

Get a GoStack

Since we needed a way to send you the supplements in the sample stack, we sourced a great product from Blender Bottle to help. The GoStack features 4 compartments of increasing sizes which can be used to store different supplements, snacks and more. The GoStack usually runs around $13 on the Blender Bottle website, but when you grab our sample stack, it comes free and full of goodies!


When you buy through, the standard flat rate shipping is $5. For any order over $80 though, shipping is free! And we’ve decided to extend that offer for anyone who purchases a sample stack. Your sample stack will ship free anywhere in the US!

Gym, Training, Games & Work

The four core Ruck Science supplements can be used in multiple ways to help rugby players perform, recover and live better. We actively promote the use of whey protein for recovery and maintenance during peak training and playing periods in the season. The pre-workout is ideal for gym training sessions and for use before rugby games. the L-Arginine capsules can be very effective for reducing muscle soreness and recovery times. While our cognitive enhancer can be used daily to help give you mental clarity and remove brain fog. The sample stack give you the chance to try all four in different situations to see what works best for your lifestyle. 

10% Donation

As part of the Ruck Science sponsorship program, any Sample Stack purchase will automatically mean that your rugby club gets a donation. In this case, 10% of your order will be donated directly to the rugby club of your choice. Just tell us where you’d like your donation to go at checkout and we’ll send them a PayPal transfer the following month.