Getting rugby player abs without sit-ups

rugby abs without sit-ups

Strong abs are a fitness must-have, but for rugby, they are much more than a fashion accessory. Here’s our playbook for getting rugby abs without sit-ups. Caution though: you’re going to have to eat well and train hard if you want to get anywhere near having rugby-player abs.

Wrestling drills for rugby fitness

rugby wrestling

Can you develop rugby strength and fitness by using traditional wrestling drills? You bet! In fact, wrestling is one of the best cross-training techniques for rugby players. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in-season or off-season, wrestling works anytime baby!

Unconventional rugby training using odd objects

odd object lifting for rugby

Unconventional rugby training begins and ends with odd object lifting, Michael Hedlesky explains how to get better at rugby by lifting weird stuff. Pick it up, put it down and over it around. Suddenly, you’ll be stronger and fitter!

Why rugby players should train Jiu Jitsu

rugby and jiu jitsu

Elite rugby programs are increasingly turning to brazilian jiu jitsu to teach players close contact skills. Here’s the lowdown on BJJ for rugby including reasons why you should training jiu jitsu if you’re a rugby player or a rugby coach getting your team ready for the season.