Nutritional Guidelines for Match Day

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Preparation for big rugby games begins well in advance of kickoff. The day before a match, you should increase your energy (calorie) intake and ensure that you are well hydrated. On match day, the foods you eat should be familiar to you and contain lots of energy. Fuelling and hydrating well before, during and after matches in crucial in every player's preparation.

This fact sheet will give you suggestions on good food choices for rugby match day - it's important to try your match day plan out in training so you know what works best for you.

How does it help you?

  • meal plans for game-day breakfast
  • learn about energy-rich foods
  • with timing meals through the day

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For more on game-day nutrition for rugby players, checkout our Rugby Day Nutrition Guide for carbohydrate-adjusted players. 

Here's an excerpt:

Preparing for rugby games should be pretty simple, right? Get to the pitch ten minutes before kickoff, whack your boots on, tuck your mouthguard in your sock and get on out there! We've all done this. But it's not exactly ideal preparation for playing top or even mid-level rugby. Thanks to the overwhelming requests from our wonderful readers today's blog focus is pre-rugby game nutrition. That is, what you should eat before Saturday's rugby match.

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